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long overdue!
I glanced at my calendar today only to realize my brother & sister-in-law's 1st wedding anniversary is coming up on April 25. (Happy Anniversary to them, by the way!!) Then, my thoughts immediately went to this sorely neglected blog site and I remembered my last post of photos was from my brother's wedding A YEAR AGO. Talk about a major blog FAIL!

Once 'busy season' hit last year, I got caught up in the excitement and ease of sharing my work on a Facebook fan page and left this blog in the dust. What can I say, I'm a sucker for all those comments and "likes" that you all leave :-) Its fun to see which photos catch one person's eye over another and admittedly...I like spending my time editing images to share with you rather than a long drawn out explanation of what you can clearly see was a fun or interesting photo shoot! After all, a picture is worth a thousand words (and sometimes more)!

So as I prepare to make some long overdue changes and updates to my portfolio site and this blog, I vow to blog more often than a year at a time--even if they are short on words and long on images. I have so many exciting adventures in store for this summer!

To bring you up to speed for the sake of future blog posts, I would like to mention a couple exciting personal things that happened this past year!

My niece Greta was born in August and to say the least -- I can't get enough of her!
Here is a photo I took on Monday. Those big blue eyes just melt my heart!! Dont be surprised if more photos of her pop up on the blog from time to time.

And last but not least, this blog update wouldn't be complete without mentioning two little words: wedding planning! Many of you who I've worked with have met my fiancé John, as he assists with photo shoots and weddings whenever possible. We've formed quite a team, and words can't express how grateful I am to have him in my life. We can't wait for our June 25, 2011 garden wedding in Iowa -- and no, we are NOT photographing our own wedding. :-)

We just got back from shooting an amazing destination wedding in Negril, Jamaica, so I will leave you today with a teaser. (See what I mean about those thousand words!)

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angela + ryan {wed}
It's not every weekend I get to be IN a wedding, let alone play the role of Maid of Honor AND photographer, but this particular weekend I was. My brother, Ryan and his beautiful wife Angela tied the knot on April 25th!  It was so much fun!! 

It was a cold and windy day, but we found an awesome blooming tree in front of a brick building downtown Storm Lake {Iowa}, that made for the perfect backdrop and some of my favorite shots from the day.

 In the alley behind the building there was a fire escape... perfect!

Across from the fire escape was the back alley door to a flooring business... 
painted some awesomely cool colors!

Dads share a laugh...

Our sister Kris (who was also a bridesmaid) was in charge of the wedding cake, perfectly matched to our bridesmaid dresses. It turned out awesome. 

Our crafty mom did the grooms cake, to honor Ryan's love for John Deere tractors since childhood. Complete with black licorice tires!

It was a fabulous day full of love, family, fun and lots of laughs. Special thanks to my cousin Kathy Olson-Anderson and my boyfriend John for helping with the photography when I needed to switch 'hats' throughout the day. Congratulations Ryan and Angela on your beautiful wedding and for having me be such a big part of it! Welcome to the family, Angela :) {s.j}


kelli + josh {engaged}
Seems like just yesterday I was relatively new to the world of portrait photography (behind the camera, anyway) and Kelli was one of the first high school seniors I photographed. Now she's getting married, and I feel old! :) 

Josh and Kelli are planning a late August wedding, but decided to have a spring engagement shoot. It was a cold and rainy day, so most of the shoot was done in the barn at my favorite place, Prairie Pedlar. Luckily towards the end of the shoot, the rain started clearing up so we were able to go outside. What can I say, the umbrella makes a great prop!! {s.j}


play time with {avery}
Avery is three and LOVES to pretend and play. She was more interested in having me there to play along with her dolls than to photograph her,  but this made for some genuine expressions and captured moments of Avery being her creative little self. Her brother Liam is quite the character and joined in the fun too! 

Photographing children constantly reminds me of the wonder, exploration, and unlimited creativity we all had ourselves as children.  {s.j}